Meet designer

Cas Moor

Furniture/product designer graduated as interior architect in 2012 and mastered in “autonomous design” in 2014 at the school of Arts - KASK Gent (Belgium).

Since 2014 Moor & Musschoot are a productdesign team. Their philosophy is “It’s obvious that a designer listens to the machines.”

"I have always been a creative person. I dreamed about being an inventor when I was a little kid."

Animal identity kit

Zwarte panter

A black panther is a melanistic color variant that occurs within all panther-like animals. In Asia and Africa, black panthers are always leopards. In the Americas, black panthers are a black variant of the jaguar.  

190 cm - 300 cm (head to tail)
28 kg - 90 kg
15 - 20 years
America - Africa - Asia and parts of Southeast-Europe